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About Kindle format 8

Kindle Format 8 or KF8 is the proprietary eBook format from Amazon. KF8 replaces mobi eBook format and adds support for HTML5 and CSS3. KF8 formatted eBooks are compatible to Kindle Fire, Kindle eInk devices and Kindle Reading Apps.

KF8 Fixed layout is the solution for heavy illustrated eBooks e.g. children eBooks, cookbooks or comics.

Top Features of KF8 eBooks

  • HTML5 and CSS3 support.
  • Drop Caps, Tables and images rendering.
  • Embedded Fonts.
  • Magnifying Text

Advantages of KF8 eBooks : Why Publishers/Authors should adapt it?

  • Amazon has the largest share in selling of eBooks across the globe.
  • Beautiful rendering of text and images.
  • KF8 Fixed Layout supports heavily illustrated books such as children, cookbooks etc.
  • Magnification panel works well with comics and children ebooks.
  • Easy to convert from ePub to KF8 format using KindleGen

Fixed Layout eBooks on Kindle Fire devices: Solution to heavily Illustrated eBooks for Amazon

Children Books | Comic Books | Travel Guides | Recipe Books | Magazines | Photography Books

All the kind of books which are very difficult to read in the normal eBook layout now have the solution with Amazon’s launching of KF8 compatible to Kindle Fire devices.
The process of creating these books is much different than creating a standard .Mobi file. In fact, it’s almost like typesetting the pages on screen. In Fixed Layout mobi you can control the page layout, position of images and embed fonts. In short, it is possible to reproduce beautiful, full page, full bleed, illustrated titles as .mobi eBooks.
The font size cannot be increased but can be magnified. The best part of Fixed Layout books is that you can still search the text or bookmark the page.
It is important to note here that you cannot mix fixed-layout and reflowable pages in the same .mobi file.

KF8 eBooks are ideal for below kind of Books:

  • Heavy illustrated titles like cookbooks or Travel guides or artistic
    photography books.
  • Books preserving multicolumn layouts like in a Magazine.
  • Company’s Technical Literature or Catalogs.
  • Tools or Technical demonstration books.
  • Aspect ratios that cannot change

Showcase Client’s Love Offers

Requirements for Fixed Layout book:

Option 1:

  • Images should not contain any text. Text should be provided separately in a word file.
  • Image format can be in JPEG or PNG. We recommend using JPEG format for images if transparency is not required. Quality should not be less than 85 for JPEG.
  • Minimum image size recommended is 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Resolution should be 300 to 600 DPI.
  • Images must be in RGB mode.
  • Licensed fonts should be provided separately if fonts used are not free. Though using of fonts depends on the device compatibility with them.
  • Original PDF file for layout formatting and reference.

Option 2:

If you don’t have the images and text in separate and editable format then you can provide us a high resolution – Print Ready PDF file. We will do all the necessary editing and extraction on the images and Text.
It is important to note here that efforts and time required in option 1 and 2 are different and so would charge differently.

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