Is audio-book the only best part of Kindle Unlimited?

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The online giant retailer Amazon has declared few days back that it’ll be introducing to us a new subscription service named as Kindle Unlimited. By using this service users will be getting infinite access to as many as 600,000 titles and more than 2,000 audio-books on any Kindle or Kindle app on any mobile device for just $9.99 per month.
There are 2,000 audio-books which are available in this e-book subscription service that are synced to the matching books so the users can get a break from reading and can take the pleasure of the book by listening instead, starting from where he/she has left reading the book.

Kindle Unlimited of Amazon will come into a field filled up by other same services like Oyster and Scribe. Titles are available through these services and they include books like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series.
For people who are spending money for more than one or two books in a month this e-book service is the best option. In the event of you being a passionate reader this e-book service is good for you as it comes in a subscription of $120 per annum. On the other hand, other services like Oyster and Scribe provides better offer for keen readers of popular books.
Scribe and Oyster both offers wide-ranging libraries from two of the biggest publishers. Though Scribe has 400000+ and Oyster has 500000+, with the Kindle Unlimited users will be capable of choosing one extra added service of audio-book every month from Audible’s bigger catalog.

Amazon will have to enlarge its library to make Kindle Unlimited renowned within the users. The reader can read their favorite books anytime and anywhere they want, while not having to carry the book with them, as Kindle app is accessible on Windows, iOS and Android.

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