ADE v4.0 release with EPUB3 support!

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Adobe Digital Editions v4.0 was released few days back. You can download the application by clicking here: Download ADE v4.0

ADE v4.0 is the first version of ADE that is based on the Readium SDK JavaScript library. There are still many known issues and not all the EPUB3 features are supported and Windows users don’t have it so good. After comparing Mac and Windows version, it’s Mac which was at more supporting side than Windows.

Our eBook conversion services team tested ADE v4.0 extensively and have bring few limitations for you to consider before you run off to download and install:

Limitations of ADE 4.0 rendering EPUB 3 content on Windows:
(below are also published in the release notes of ADE. you can access them using this link

  • On Windows, EPUB 3 features do not render if the IE version is less than 10.
  • On Windows, MathML feature is not supported.
  • On Windows, Detail, Bdi, Wbr tags are not supported.
  • On Windows, Add Note option is not supported.
  • On Windows, Mouse wheel scrolling is not supported.
  • Hitting Tab inside the contents of the book changes the content alignment.
  • You can only search forward, and within a chapter.
  • Above are so important functional limitations that we do not recommend installing ADE V4.0 on Windows (until it got improved further), as you can’t trust this version to quality check EPUB3 ebooks. Our eBook conversion expert team has decided not to use this release to test and quality check EPUB3 ebooks for our clients and we would keep continue iBooks for mavericks and Readium to QA EPUB 3 files where possible.

    Please let us know if you are also doing testing on ADE V4.0 or post your questions/comments regarding ADE V4.0, if any.

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