Don’t just inform your book fans about your author website… Call Them to Action!

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Creating a new website for your book is an exciting process. You will have an opportunity to showcase the best at what you write and all the reasons why this book can calm the appetite for new books of a Voracious Reader.

Once you put in the best of your writing in the book and provide it a launching pad as a website you will have an opportunity to take the visitor to the next step ….. wait.. what is the next step for book readers after visiting your book website? Is that you want them to visit a book selling website like Amazon or subscribe for a newsletter or want to make them join your book signing event?

Being an author it’s natural that all your attention would be of creating content and displaying it at best to a reader, rather than on the actions your sites’ visitors should take.

What is a call-to-action (CTA)?

A call to action is an image (e.g. a stunning cover image) or a line of text (e.g. blurb) that prompts your book lover to take action.

Call to action could be anything from downloading an ebook; subscribing for newsletter; attend a book signing event etc. although, a CTA can be placed anywhere but a strategically placed CTA is something which can improve conversion rate.

If you are still not sure what CTAs are and how they look alike, here is an example from ePublishingeXperts website’s “readthisebook” page.

Call To Action


By showing your books’s cover page or service through your call-to-action, you make the offer more appreciable and tactile to visitors and can turn your website into a powerful marketing platform.

You need to think what attracts to your targeted reader from your book and decide on an appropriate CTA.

Where Should You Put Calls to Action?

CTAs should be eye catching and at a noticeable place high enough on the page. A logic for a prominent CTA is that a person doesn’t have to scroll down to see it.

Offers, Social media icons, contact numbers and “contact us” navigation should be on every page.

There can be many places to put a CTA for your book on the website, it’s just you have to identify what brings the visitor to your book website. E.g. if this is a knowledge about your topic you can place a CTA to download the sample of the book in an eBook format. Use smart buttons with text over them and be careful not to overuse them.

As an author and marketer of your book, you may need to experience with different call to action before you find those CTAs that work in your favor. It’s important that you design your call to action based on your target market and it should clearly outline what you expect from the visitor to do.

Just like any marketing technique, trial and error may be your best guide for finding the perfect call to action for your business and target market.

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