IBM’s collaboration with IDPF: Impacts on Educational Publishing.

Posted By: Team ePublishingeXperts | Posted On: February 15, 2014 0


It’s indeed a great news that technology players are collaborating with IDPF to further enhance already accepted ePub format for publishing industry. It would also have a great impact on educational publishing and students learning and adapting of eBooks.

Recently Pearson has also announced it’s EDUPUB guidelines for textbooks. It’s seems that eLearning and Publishing industry are merging somewhere. We can see more accessibility features and engagements from educators, students and publishers.

Although, it’s too early to comment on the impact of IBM’s collaboration with IDPF at educational publishing world it’s interesting to see how educational publishing turned up to these collaborations and their impact on adapting learning.

Please read complete press release here: IBM’s Collaboration with IDPF

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