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This new year brings new challenges for us at ePublishingeXperts. We are into the business of developing eBooks, Creative publishing services and web development for past 2 years now and would not say that we are highly successful although we are humbled and delighted with the support, references and recommendations we got from our clients.

In past two years we worked silently and closely with authors and publishers to digitize their content, books into beautiful eBooks, help them with our creative publishing services and developing web strategies. In short help them achieving their business dreams – confidently and economically.

Beginning this year, 2014, we have started few more offerings and solutions to our existing and new clients. Here they are:

Offers are not just for the sake you buy any or all, they enable you to do things you want to do economically to fulfill your epublishing needs. With our motive to serve authors, publishers and service provider companies excellently and economically, we hope Offers would play a key role in achieving dreams. To check out our latest offers please visit: OFFERS.
– Showcase:
This is something we always want to put on our website and in the first month of year 2014, finally, we are Showcasing. We believe that showcase few samples or projects is no guarantee of future quality work but past work defines our future growth, shows our commitment to excellence in workmanship, and challenges us to improve ourselves further. We are proud of our past work and want to say thanks to our clients for throwing challenges and raise expectations to make us always alert towards quality, turn around time and client satisfaction.
– Blog:
A Blog is a mouthpiece of any website and for past few months we feel the need to connect and share our knowledge and experience with existing and prospective clients. So, here we are with our Blog. This is the first post you are reading. You can Sign Up to our newsletter to read new and interesting Blog posts, offers and new services we are going to add in coming days.
– Social Media:
Social media plays a very important role in our success and help us reaching out to more and more clients. Social media and content marketing would be our focus area in this year to reach out more prospective clients and get connected with our existing clients. We would be obliged if you would connect with us at Facebook or Twitter, if you are not already connected.

New industry solutions:

– Digital First eBooks:
With the advent of digital first eBook and decline of print, we feel it’s the right time to initiate solution for Digital First requirements of Publishers, Authors and content creators. Very soon we are going to launch our specialized solution for Digital First eBooks. Digital First work-flow is very different to traditional eBook development. We would share more insights about this new solution we are going to start.

– Responsive Websites:
A responsive website is something which would work on all the screen devices. It’s responsive to any screen size. ePublishingeXperts website is also responsive. You can read the content and browse pages on a small mobile devices as easily as you browse on a desktop PC. Navigation is screen size friendly. Please checkout our economic Offer on Responsive Website.

Above are few add ons and new solutions we are offering to our prospective and existing clients and many more would follow very soon.

We want to say thanks to all our existing and prospective clients to help us achieve what we have achieved so far.
We want to say thanks to our employees and well wishers for standing with us and achieving quality and client satisfaction.

We wish we all would have a successful new year 2014 ahead.

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