Responsive website and their benefits to Publishers/authors!

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Before we start our write-up we would like to answer the question: Why publishers/authors need responsive website?

With eBooks becoming the first choice of readers and 70% visitors use their tablets or mobile devices to visit websites, it’s very important that publishers/authors should work on their mobile strategies. It’s important that they have a mobile friendly website selling eBooks. It takes only 10 to twenty seconds for a visitor to make a decision if s/he would continue with the website or move on to search another.

Some facts for you to think:

– American Cancer Society mobilizes 7,000 web pages in one quarter.
– Huffington Post boosts mobile visitors 37% following site redesign.
– Beyond the Rack’s mobile conversion rate doubles.
– Plusnet sees traffic grow 2x and sales 10x.
– Baines & Ernst’s new site increase mobile conversions.

[Source: Case studies, multi-screen resources,]

Over 20% of Google searches are being performed on a mobile device. It clearly means a potential loss of a prospective customer and sale for a non-responsive website.

Adobe’s 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey finds that:

– Globally, websites are getting more traffic from tablets than smartphones.
– Internet users view 70% more pages per visit when browsing on a tablet compared to a smartphone.
– Over 79% of the companies consider responsive design a priority.

Today’s eBook loving generation expects a great browsing experience regardless of what device they use. Make your website that showcase your business on every screen from Smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.


Considering fast changing browsing experience and latest surveys suggesting an upwards trend of mobile net surfing, it’s the high time that publishers/authors should re-consider their digital strategy and revive their websites to succeed with today’s constantly-connected consumers.

We would come back on this topic with more stuff, reports, examples but before that we are leaving few questions for you to answer yourself:

Q. Is your website ready for the Multi-Screen Consumer?
Q. What goals do you want to accomplish on your site?
Q. What do your customers expect?
Q Is your site structure mobile friendly?
Q. Have you created a great mobile experience?

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