What Amazon’s new feature “FLOW” meant to Book Discovery and Bookstores!

Posted By: Team ePublishingeXperts | Posted On: February 8, 2014 0


It’s now altogether very easy to buy from Amazon “AGAIN”. Yes, they did it once again with the launch of new feature “FLOW”┬áinside their mobile shopping app two days ago.

This App lets you scan items using your Smartphone camera and allow you to compare prices of items you see in retail shops. Just by waving your smartphone you can quickly order all of your packaged goods from Amazon instead.

Amazon is smart enough to capture the “buying mood” of a prospective buyer in less than 30 seconds. This App is fast and quickly recognizes the scanned item in it’s huge database of products. At few instances it displayed wrong item and price but this flaw is only for the items which comes in different sizes and weight. But thanks to “See more results that matched” that we can found our scanned item and compare the price.

Scanning a book cover is very easy, fast and results shown are more accurate than a Grocery item.

Does that mean another setback to bookstores standing on the verge of extinction?

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