About Book Video Trailer

Short descriptive videos typically less than two minutes and as short as thirty seconds using pictures, graphics, written words, animation, spoken words, interviews and music.

Why book video trailer:

Advantage Authors and Publishers: Great tool for publicizing a book.

  • 50% of people would remember what they see and hear (pictures + sound= video)
  • SEO friendly, boost traffic to book selling site.
  • YouTube has more than 2 billion viewers per month.
  • Vimeo has more than 100 million visitors per month.
  • Make a video viral via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Add book video trailer to author central profile at Amazon.


Tickly Whiskers Publishing Limited

Amanda Walsh

I have worked with team ePublishingeXperts for projects related to eBooks a number of years now. Their service, quality of work and dedication continues to exceed my expectations. It has been a real adventure developing my book trailer with the team. The process from design to publishing on YouTube and my own website has been a wonderful experience. I can highly recommend using team ePublishingeXperts for all your ebook development and marketing requirements.

Matisse the Cat — Book trailer



Top Features

  • Thirty seconds to two minutes – Effective because of shorter attention span.
  • Description with fewer words and more descriptive images with special effects and music.
  • Include only what is effective and necessary – shorter time limit can’t permit to include detail.
  • SEO friendly – Drive traffic to your website.

Book Trailers @ ePublishingeXperts : Marketing and promotional services: Advantage Authors and Publishers.

  • Customized promotional book video trailer, approx. 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Special Effects and animated slide transitions.
  • Distribution to multiple well known websites including, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Metacafe.
  • Placement of the book video to your author profile at Amazon.
  • Tweets among ever growing followers of ePublishingeXperts at Twitter.
  • Post on ePublishingeXperts Facebook Fan page.
Book video trailer requirement form:
Cover Page JPG; PNG; 300dpi; Required
Back Page JPG; PNG; 300dpi; Required
Author/ Family Pictures JPG; PNG; 300dpi; Important; not compulsory; helpful in making brand.
Images used in Book JPG; PNG; 300dpi; Important; not compulsory;
Graphics – 2D/3D drawings and 3D models Jpg; .mb; without blurred images. Not compulsory; Only require if animation is to be made.
Author Video or related video MP4; without blurred images, jerks, jumps, etc. Not compulsory; if you don’t have video in MP4 file format we would convert it via our automated software.
Audio Files Mp3; .wmv We can use royalty free audio but if you have any preference or want any particular audio to use, you can send that to us
Script Text Best way to suggest us your requirement. It’s not necessary, but we prefer to know your requirement.
Suggested Book Video Trailers Youtube URL We recommend it highly that you suggest us your favorite Book videos. It would help us understand your requirements better.


Important to note:
Any licensed image/audio/video would becharged extra to cover the cost of purchasing

license to use.

Disclaimer would be added in the video trailerfor using images/audio/video in case they don’t

belong to author

You would own the rights to the video book trailer.We would provide you with a copy of the final

video at no additional cost. You can share it and

add it to your marketing campaigns.

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