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eBook Solutions for Apple, Amazon and other Android Devices

About epub ebooks

ePub is an XHTML/XML based eBook format that is increasingly being adopted by the publishing industry as the standard file format to be distributed on different devices such as Apple’s iPad/iPhone/Mac, Samsung’s Galaxy, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Kobo and to so many devices.



About mobi ebooks

Mobi is an XHTML/HTML based eBook format that is a proprietor format of Amazon.com and is supported by its device Kindle/Kindle Fire.With the support of HTML5 tags and CSS 3 attributes, there are a wide range of features and enhancements we can now do in Mobi files. Earlier, we have experienced many formatting and styling issues with Mobi eBooks and their device support. But now almost all the limitations have been sorted out except audio and video enhancements (at the time of writing on this page).

There is a whole page on Amazon’s site dedicated to these new features which explain more on KF8 version eBooks. You can found below link useful for any more detail: goo.gl/jbYuW3 . The full list of new tags can be found here (goo.gl/TDEcdT); there’s no video or audio tag, but apart from that it is a fairly normal collection of HTML elements and CSS stuff.


Standard Features of eBooks!

  • HTML5 and CSS3 support.
  • Reflow of text according to the screen size – ideal for reading on mobile devices.
  • Open, non-proprietary file format standard developed and maintained by IDPF.
  • TOC navigation.
  • Advanced control with font embedding and CSS styling.
  • Ability to embedded images, objects and audio and video files.
  • Access to validation and other tools.

Advantages to Publishers/Authors

  • Ebooks are less expensive to produce.
  • Changes can be made more simply.
  • Quality control can be more consistently implemented.
  • ePub format can be distributed to all the devices except Amazon
    Kindle device. It requires Mobi format of eBook

Why Publishers and Authors love ePublishingeXperts

I would highly recommend ePublishingeXperts illustration services. I personally found them trustworthy, professional, polite and very accommodating in helping me achieve topcontent_arrow2

Eileen Moynihan
‘The Reckolahesperus’



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Amanda Walsh
Tickly Whiskers Publishing Limited

To ensure beautifully formatted and styled ePub file we always take care of below important parts of eBook creation:

  • • Use industry’s best practices for making eBooks.
  • • Cover Page: High resolution cover pages are created and used.
  • • Clean XHTML/XML files manually coded specifically for the eBook formats chosen (we don’t use any automated tool for coding and there would be no blank or unused tags.)
  • • Validated XHTML/XML files through w3c validator.
  • • Always create customized Style Sheets to give the exact feel of the source Book and retain most of the interior design of the book.
  • • Blockquotes, Lists, nested Lists with exact placement and style of source Book.
  • • Poetry books are especially taken care while formatting. The line breaks and the gapping between the two prose are especially taken care of.
  • • Tables sometimes treated as image and sometimes coded, depend on the number of columns they have. If there are more than 3 columns in a table we capture them as an image else we would code them. Decision to capture a table as an image is taken after consulting with the client.
  • • Footnotes at either end of the chapters or at the end of the book and linked in both directions (reverse linking).
  • • Embed fonts when required. Many languages are not supported by eBook reader devices. Embedding fonts enable them to appear correctly in the device.
  • • Index Linking : We have two solutions available for Index linking:
  • • Links created for entries from Index to the pages in the text matter as in the source file.
  • • Links created for entries from Index to the exact words in the text matter. For particular this kind of linking we need the inputs from client and extra cost is charged due to increased time and efforts.

Requirements for developing reflowable eBooks:

In order to develop a beautiful eBook we accept below Input file formats:

  • • Printer/Searchable/Normal PDF file (.PDF) pdf-img
  • • Image/Scanned PDF (.PDF) arr
  • • Print Books/Hard Copy
  • • MS Word/Rich Text Files (.Doc/.Docx/.RTF) arr
  • • HTML/XHTML/XML (.html/.xhtml/.xml) html-icon
  • • InDesign/Quark/Pagemaker (.Ind/.Qxd/.Pm) qxd-icon
  • • Multimedia Assets
  • • Fonts: We would require embedded font used in the source file.
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