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E-commerce is the way of buying and selling of products through electronic systems like internet and having different payment prospects. We always offer accurate techniques to design e-commerce web sites at minimum price. E-commerce plays a very important role in the online business. Our team of experts always develops a responsible, safe and transparent e-commerce solution at an affordable price that is compatible with your budget. Our technologies will ensure your online business attractive to your visitor and secure with a reliable e-commerce solution designed specifically for your e-book selling needs.

When you want to sell e-books and services online, you need an E-commerce website so that you can transfer fund electronically.

Advantages Authors/Publishers: img

  • SEO enabled sites would make the search of an e-Book higher.
  • Bundle old books with the new and sale a complete series..
  • Offer your readers the discounts, gifts, bundle of books etc. in the way most profitable
    to you.
  • Showcase interests and passions outside the current book that form points of
    connection with readers

  • Drive traffic from Social media to your website’s selling pages.

Advantage Authors/Publishers @ ePublishingeXperts

  • Real time payment receipt
  • Inventory management
  • eBook Store
  • Payment gateway
  • Integration between your entire website
  • Inventory management

eBook Store Features…

This is a complete e-commerce solution for your website that enables you to help you selling e-books online and provides you with complete store functionality online.

  • Layout
  • Database
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • Security
  • Support
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