ePub3 eBooks

About ePub3

ePub3 is the current revised addition of ePub standards. ePub3’s base content format is based on XHTML5. It’s now an accepted global distribution format for ebooks.

An eBook developed following the standards of ePub3 can be rendered on any reading device such as, tablets, Desktop systems, eReaders, smartphones etc.

Advantage Authors and Publishers: Great tool for publicizing a book.

  • Rich Media and Interactivity
  • Aural renditions and Media Overlay supports Text to Speech facility, enables the usage of SMIL
    for audio and text synchronization.
  • Inherits support for HTML5 rich media elements.
  • Global Language Support:
  • Metadata properties (alternate-script combined with xml:lang attribute).
  • HTML5 directionality feature for bidirectional content rendering.
  • CSS3 support for Vertical writing, R-L page progression direction, emphasis, better control of line
    breaking and hyphenation
  • Embedding of Fonts to facilitate the rendering of Text content.
  • Content Accessibility adaptable to devices, tablets, eReaders, Smartphones, Laptops.IntInrinsic Fallbacks for
    core media type resources and unsupported fonts types.
  • (Refer to the EPUB Publications 3.0 specification for more information.)

Advantages of ePub3 eBooks: Why Publishers/Authors should adapt it?

  • Industry standard for digital eBooks.
  • Readability on multiple devices.
  • Adaptability to screen size of varied sizes.
  • Multimedia and Interactivity, useful for Textbooks and children books.
  • Improved Metadata Support.

ePub3 @ ePublishingeXperts: Advantages to Publishers/Authors

  • HTML5 and CSS3 programmed eBooks
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Expertise in converting ePub2 to ePub3
  • Enhancement of ePub2 to interactive ePub3 with rich media support
  • Advance metadata enhancements

ePub3 Solutions provided by ePublishingeXperts:

  • TextBook/Work Book solution
  • Animated Children eBook
  • Read aloud eBooks
  • Interactive enhanced feature
  • SVG Coloring Book
  • Business Books/Graphs
  • MathML rendering