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By author Eileen Moynihan

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I loved books from an early age. I remember looking at the pictures in the books my mother read to me. Then I began to recognize individual letters and began to realize that a series of letters together made words.

My mother introduced me to the ‘Little Grey Rabbit’ series written by Alison Uttley, and illustrated by Margaret Tempest. This was an influence on my writing my first e-book ‘Danger in Noddinghead Nook’. Because I wanted to enhance my story I contacted ePublishingeXperts to develop illustrations for the same book but with pictures. It was retitled ‘Rory Gumboots’. I had imagined the pictures in my head, and after much discussion with ePublishingeXperts they helped me to put my imaginings into reality.

Another e-book that ePublishingeXperts illustrated beautifully for me was Reckolahesperus. If I or my siblings came in messy from play, my father used to say, “You look like the Wreck of the Hesperus.” As a child I thought this was some kind of strange creature–thus ‘The Reckolahesperus’.

After that I worked with a local artist Stephen Ribeiro on my book ‘Hattie and Jacques love London’ Hattie which is based on the traditional story of ‘The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse’.

My latest endeavour is with another local artist Robert Peacock. This is ‘The Dreamsmith’ Dreamsmith which has just been released as an ebook. The printed version should be out in the next few months.

About the Author

Eileen Moynihan was born in Essex England, and grew up on the Isle of Wight from the age of three. At the age of 22 she moved permanently to Ireland, where she lived in West Cork, and more recently near the border between Co. Roscommon and Co.Longford. For most of that time she was teaching children with Special Needs, and raising her three children. After taking early retirement, Eileen loves to write books for children.

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