Blurb for eBook “Blue Eyes Blazing”
by indie author “Nicholas Bugden”

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The strong we like but the vulnerable we love.

It starts with a glance on the bus. Michael is heading home after his University classes when he sees Lina Willcox for the first time. He stumbles to say hi and makes a fool of himself on their first date. But Lina only finds his genuine shyness endearing. Within days the two lose themselves in each other but soon reach emotional depths that neither party is ready for. Lina has yet to fully recover from her ex, a man she gave herself to for the first time, and Michael, still uncertain about his future, is too guarded to fully give his heart to anyone. Can the two survive the strong emotions that come with diving too far too fast or will Michael’s need to build a future and Lina’s desire to enjoy the now tear them apart?

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