Goodbye bad dreams! by Lori Fettner, live at Kickstarter

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How do you feel about the work epublishingexperts has done for you?

I have just begun my partnership with epublishingexperts, and so far the experience has exceeded my expectations. People say in business you have to choose 2 of these 3 wishes: Good price, fast service, good quality. So far, I’ve experienced all 3 with Gaurav!

Is this your first book?

No, this will be my fifth book, but this will be my first time using a professional illustrator. My first two books were for adults, and the most recent two were picture books that used mostly photo illustration. My latest book is about Bad Dreams and has dragons, dinosaurs, monsters, etc., so I definitely need some help!

I’ve been seeing you post about a unique Kickstarter campaign you have going, where other authors and illustrators are advertising their books in yours. How will that work?

Yes, I’m very excited about this. This Kickstarter campaign is running right now, and authors, illustrators, really anyone in any business can get a line of ad space to list book titles, websites, etc. This space can also be used for parents or gift givers to list kids names. This will run on the acknowledgements page and will be printed in every copy of the book indefinitely. In addition, these rewards come with a signed copy of the book. I’m not one to ask for handouts, so I thought hard about what I could offer to contributors that would be exciting, different, and possibly help their careers as much as they are helping mine!

Where can we expect to see your books?

My books are for sale in several stores, including Barnes and Noble (brick and mortar, not just online), toy stores, and nature centers. I also do many events at schools and other types of community centers. My books are also available through all the usual online retailers: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.

Where should our readers go to find out more about your books or this Kickstarter campaign?

You can find me at Facebook or Lori Fettner


If you are interested in contributing to the campaign, or checking out a sample of the great work epublishingexperts has done, you can visit our Kickstarter page

The project is live now, and will be until February 19, 2018. I’ll be thrilled with any contribution at any time, but early support helps get the ball rolling! Thanks for your support, and thanks for the great work epublishingexperts!

About the author

Lori Fettner

Lori Fettner

Lori’s first career was for one of the top five publishing companies in NYC. She then became a teacher, and for a few years now has considered herself a full time author (while also taking care of her daughter).

She has self published four books, and has done many book signings and events, including two at the pilot Barnes and Noble in Scarsdale, NY. Her favorite events are those where she gets to read to kids and see their faces light up as she reads. She is always excited for new projects, but is especially excited about Goodbye Bad Dreams.

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