Why Children Books are Important?

by author Cendrine Georgeaud

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Hello, my name is Cendrine Georgeaud and I live in Canada.

« Eba and the Sea » is my first eBook for children (3 to 5). My daughter Éva, was my inspiration for this book. When she was young, she was a happy and funny little girl, always making fun of everything and making tricks! She still is now!

Actually I go to elementary schools for reading the eBook to very young children, and I can see their interest of reading a book on this platform. Some of them are shy and seem like not interested for a story, but when I open the book on the iPad, I see their smiles and reactions.

A lot of them have tablets at home, but most of them use it for games and not for reading a book. Now I work on other stories, and also &#X00AB Eba and the Sea » is going to be a Read aloud version.

Narration, audio effects, definitions of each word selected. I just love to see children asking funny things on the story. That’s so interactive! It really helps them to open their mind and interest for reading and technology, which is more and more present in their life.

Next books in production: short stories on French funny expressions like « When chicken will have teeth »

About the Author


Cendrine Georgeaud is a writer and children’s author. Her first ebook « Eba and the sea » was published in 2013 on Amazon, Google play and eBook store. In French and English she also works for post-synchronisation in movies. She had her own art gallery in Québec.

During 10 years, she was a background painter for animation studios in Europe (France)

She moved to Canada in 2000 and now lives with her husband and daughter.

website : www.eba-adventures.com

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Why Children Books are Important?

by author Cendrine Georgeaud

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