Why Children Books are important?

By an awarded author Sherry Ellis

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When I was a kid, my mom used to read me stories. I loved the worlds of giants and fairies; the land of make-believe. It ignited my imagination and made me an avid reader. I was so avid, in fact that I frequently got in trouble for reading, rather than taking a nap!

Today, I still love to read – and write. I am a big advocate for children’s books and believe that reading is a key to doing well in school and excelling in life. In a world where kids are entertained by video games and television, it is so important that we as parents read to our children and get books into their hands. Studies have shown that reading helps increase vocabulary, improve writing skills, improve analytical thinking, reduce stress, and increase intelligence.

If all that isn’t enough then know that reading with your child is quality time you are spending together. This is what helps build lasting memories and strong relationships. So go get a book and sit down with your kid. Read the story. Talk about the pictures. You’ll be glad you did!

Read an interview with Sherry Ellis here.

About the Author

Sherry Ellis is a freelance writer and children’s author. Her first book, That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN, was published in 2005. Her second, That Mama is a Grouch, was published in 2010 and was honored as a finalist in the 2010 USA Book News Awards as well as in the 2011 International Book Awards. It also took first place in the parenting category of the 2011 Pinnacle Book Awards, and was the recipient of the silver award in the 2013 Mom’s Choice Awards.

Sherry is also a professional musician who plays and teaches violin, viola, and piano. She has appeared as a soloist in Germany and was a semi-finalist in the 2004 International Viola Competition in Paris, France. Sherry is also a former PADI SCUBA instructor. She has travelled to many exotic places and has seen much of the world above and below the water.

Sherry lives with her husband and two children in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can learn more about Sherry Ellis on her website, www.sherryellis.org

28 thoughts on “

Why Children Books are important?

By an awarded author Sherry Ellis

  1. Crystal Collier

    Yay, Sherry! I love this. I read to my kids every day because we all such a good time with it. I get to read stories I would never find time for otherwise, and they ask questions and make comments and we get to giggle over the same things… Is there a better family activity?

  2. Christine Rains

    I completely agree it’s so important to read to kids. I’ve read to my son since he was born. He’ll be four this month and he can already read! I’m so very proud when I see him take a book and sit down and just read to himself. And, oh, the stories he comes up with!

  3. Heather Holden

    I was also the type to get into trouble for reading too much growing up, haha. Needless to say, I completely agree about how important it is to read to kids. If a parent can’t help them fall in love with reading at that age, there’s a chance they might never love reading…

  4. C. Lee McKenzie

    I was thrilled one day when my oldest son said, “I remember how you read to me every night. It was our best time together.” I enjoyed reading before bedtime. It relaxed me, gave me time with my son alone and now I know how much it meant to both of us.

  5. Maria Dunn

    Such an important topic. Reading with your children not only stirs their passion for reading and inspires their imaginations, but it ties the heart strings of parent and child like nothing else. Appreciate some of those precious memories with my children.

  6. Kristin Smith

    I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing better then reading to your children! I started reading to my kids while they were still babies and all they wanted to do was gnaw on the board book pages. It has instilled in them a love of books. It makes me happy to see my boys sink down on the coach and open one of their chapter books, doing exactly what I did at their age! 🙂

  7. Sherry Ellis

    Crystal – My kids love when we read stories together. my son looks forward to it every night!
    Brandon – Congratulations on your little one. I’m sure you’ll be reading lots of books together!
    Tracy – Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!
    Christine – That’s awesome that your son is such a great reader!
    Heather – So true – that’s why it’s important to start the habit of reading at an early age.
    Pat – You’re so right!
    Lynn – Aw, Thanks! A big hug for you!
    C. Lee – Reading to your kids can be the best memories!

  8. Jess@Fairday's Blog

    What an excellent post! Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I have many wonderful memories of sitting with my mom and my grandparents and having them read to me. I still love to be read to as an adult. 🙂 I don’t have children of my own- but love to read to my friends’ children when I am visiting! There is nothing like sharing a great book together. 🙂

  9. The Blue Grumpster

    Reading is a key to doing well in school and excelling in life… I agree 100%. It is also a key to being happy. I’m a collector of fairytales and children’s books and I can’t imagine living in a world without books.

  10. Stephen T. McCarthy

    HiYa, SHERRY! ~
    Totally agree with you about reading and about the importance of children’s books.

    When I was very little, my Ma read to me frequently. When I was an adult she told me that I was often so quiet in my crib that she’d become nervous and go check on me. There I’d be all by myself, completely absorbed in some book that I couldn’t even read.

    Then I kind of lost interest in books until the 6th grade when suddenly I discovered the old ‘Seckatary Hawkins’ series of books by Robert F. Schulkers that my Ma had (old books written for boys in the 1920s). That led me to the Hardy Boys series, and I just never looked back! I have been an avid, constant reader since then. Although today I read almost exclusively nonfiction.

    I never went to college, and was only a C average student in high school. Occasionally someone will pay me a compliment, telling me they think I’m bright. Ha! Actually, I’m not, as my formal education reveals. My secret which seems to fool some folks is simple: books, books, and books (primarily nonfiction).

    I tried my hand at writing a children’s book once. I thought it was good and it did get a nibble from a major publishing company in England. Unfortunately though, in the final analysis, they declined it. (I think they wanted wizards and magic and all that sorta stuffs, and that’s just not what my manuscript was about.)

    Anyway, right on, Sister! Keep yakking to the world about children reading because it really is important to try to instill that interest in them as young as possible.

    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  11. DG Hudson

    Reading to a child is so important. It starts as soon as they can sit up and see the pictures in the book. I especially liked doing the voices. You have excellent books to start that process, too. The books that make kids laugh are good ones to start with. We loved the Beatrix Potter books and Hunca Munca, one of the little mice. Also the Brer Rabbit stories which I grew up with in Georgia. Uncle Remus is from Georgia. I think one town has that claim.

  12. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

    I’m glad your mom encouraged you to read, Sherry. It makes a huge difference to children when they are proficient at reading. If they struggle with reading, they will fall behind with all of the other subjects as well. Reading opens up so many doors to children and they can enjoy all kinds of adventures.

  13. Sherry Ellis

    Stephen: Thank you so much for visiting! I’m glad you found books you enjoyed when you were young. Reading is something that can give you pleasure all your life!

    D G Hudson: There are so many wonderful books out there. I enjoyed the Beatrix Potter stories, too.

    Deanie: Reading is so important! I hope my kids end up enjoying books as much as I do!

    Michelle: Thanks! Yes, having good reading skills usually results in doing well in school.

    Ava: Thanks!


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