Winner of April month – Children Book Month!

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Dear Children book authors and publishers,

April was the month of celebration, innocence and joy of discovering, reading and sharing information about books and their authors which could delight your fan – a kid or their parents. We would like to thanks all of you who posted blog on “Why Children Books are Important?”, or encouraged fellow authors and share your experiences with all of us.

I would like to thank author Karen Franco who has written a wonderful book on special kid needs, Piggy Press owner, Pat Alvarado, who herself is a best selling & awarded author, author Cendrine Georgeaud, author Eileen Moynihan, teacher for kids of special needs, and last but not the least, awarded author Sherry Ellis.

Not appreciating those hundred of unknown people who visited our website, cheer and share at Facebook or retweet hundred of times for these authors, to visit their selling links and probably bought their books too would be an injustice to them. We thanks all of you who made April as a memorable month. Every single visit to website and to selling links, every single tweet for these authors, every single share at facebook only helped in discovering these authors and their books and probably help them to gain few fans.

Here are few analysis for April month:

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Google Analytics

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Facebook Insights

Winner of the Month:


We are pleased to announce author Sherry Ellis, the winner of Children book month, April. Congrats Sherry!

We would convert her book into a beautiful animated eBook compatible to iOS absolutely free of cost.

We have also extended our heavily discounted eBook conversion offer to May on demand of few authors that they are in middle to finish their books and need to convert into eBook format and wish if they could get April month offers in May.

So guys, here we extended it till may. You can visit our Offer page to simply choose your ebook format and send us an email. We would be glad to convert a beautiful eBook for your masterpiece.

We would like to thanks all of you again and extend the offers to May month too so that you all can also get the benefits of savings.

Best regards,

Team ePublishingeXperts

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