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Good Bye Bad Dreams

Goodbye bad dreams! by Lori Fettner, live at Kickstarter

Team ePublishingeXperts

How do you feel about the work epublishingexperts has done for you? I have just begun my partnership with epublishingexperts, and so far the experience has exceeded my expectations. People say in business you have to choose 2 of these 3 wishes: Good price, fast service, good quality. So...

“Lisa Goes to India” a new children travel adventure book!

Team ePublishingeXperts

“Lisa Goes to India” a new children travel adventure book! Today we have a special guest, Patrick Adams, who is going to tell us about his just released book, Lisa goes to India How did you get the idea for the story? Author, Patrick Adams: Lisa Goes to India...

The Xenton Chronicles

by author W. M. Calloway

Team ePublishingeXperts

The Xenton Chronicles The Xenton, the Earth’s Elite Forces are ready to take down giant monsters, Enhanced Humans, Alien intruders as well as crime. Well, if you don’t know about the Xenton then let me introduce you to them. The Xenton are a team of siblings who have been...

Children ebooks
By author Eileen Moynihan

Team ePublishingeXperts

I loved books from an early age. I remember looking at the pictures in the books my mother read to me. Then I began to recognize individual letters and began to realize that a series of letters together made words. My mother introduced me to the ‘Little Grey Rabbit’...

Manjhi Cover

Why children books are important?
By author Nancy Churnin

Team ePublishingeXperts

I wrote my first book, The William Hoy Story, How a Deaf Baseball Player Changed the Game because a Deaf man, Steve Sandy, told me it was his dream that Deaf and hearing children would know the story of this Deaf hero who introduced baseball signals so he could...

Children Book Month

Why children books are important?

Team ePublishingeXperts

Dear Children book author/publisher, Good books are like a candy for the brain of a kid. Read, Share and Celebrate Children Book Month with us, the month long virtual celebration event. We at ePublishingeXperts are celebrating August, 17 as the month of celebration, fun and joy by reading &...

Blurb for eBook “Then Frederick Ran” by Nicholas Bugden

Team ePublishingeXperts

Don’t quit your day job, sleep through it. Would you give your manager complete control over your body to sleep through a day of work? Or spend a night at a sleep lab to get a video recording of your dreams? Then Frederick Ran is a collection of short...

Blurb for eBook “Blue Eyes Blazing”
by indie author “Nicholas Bugden”

Team ePublishingeXperts

The strong we like but the vulnerable we love. It starts with a glance on the bus. Michael is heading home after his University classes when he sees Lina Willcox for the first time. He stumbles to say hi and makes a fool of himself on their first date....

Blurb for “The Brenton Blue Butterfly”
by indie author “Lynn Le Roux”

Team ePublishingeXperts

Mother of three, Lynn Le Roux, started writing 8 years ago while working for Nature Conservation. “There’s almost nothing more inspiring than being one with nature and it’s inhabitants. I have written these books to inspire and teach children about their environment and it’s special creatures.” rop Her first...

Blurb for “Time for Me” by indie author “Carissa Kopf “

Team ePublishingeXperts

If you enjoy a love story based in a vineyard with sensuality, suspense and a surprisingly haunting ending then you should read this new novella written by Carissa Kopf. The summer is here so enjoy some time for yourself with “Time For Me”. Join Carissa’s growing fan club by...