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***** Hues Of You

My goodness, Lameka Smalls' book Hues of You is the perfect gift for our babies. It is short and sweet. The message is all inspiring! I got all Black Girls Rock vibes!!!

The artwork by Gaurav Bhatnagar is AMAZING too! She brought Lameka's vision to a sweet fruition. Speaking as an artist, it is exceptional 👏🏾!

The colorful adjectives she uses to describe our hues are delectable.

***** Dr. Lynn you "nailed it"!

"If You Give A Girl A Passport" is a wonderful book of adventure for children.

The illustrations for this book are amazing! Having a reading passport allows each child to go on a reading adventure that takes them all over the world.

***** An enjoyable read, with great illustrations

I loved the bright and very cute illustrations in this book, and the positive message in the story.

***** A message of positive affirmation

A charming story about feeling good about yourself even if you look different. Adorable illustrations.

***** What a fun story

This book is fun to read, offers a variety of marine animals and gives the reader/child such awesome illustrations to draw them in. There is some rhyming which works well. 


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Who is Gaurav Bhatnagar?

He is a children’s book author, illustrator and founder, ePublishingeXperts, a company that does illustrations, book formatting, cover design, eBook, book printing (hardcover, paperback, and board books), animation, and digital marketing. He also runs a community group on facebook that has more than 2500 children’s book authors.

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Gaurav Bhatnagar

Children’s Book Illustrations

  • Illustrations:
    • Interior Art work
    • Cover design
    • Coloring and activity Books

Price starts from $25 – $120 depending on the service.

Custom Book Printing

  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • Board book.

We print as low as 50 books to few thousands. Ask for custom printing quotes.

eBook (Mobi & ePub)

  • Fixed Layout eBooks
  • Reflowable eBooks

We make eBooks for Amazon and Android Devices start with $2 a pdf page.


Helping our clients succeeding with their publishing.

508 Compliance

2D Animation

  • Full Book Animation
  • Video book trailers

A complete book animation will range from $350-$550 and a book trailer of 60 seconds starts from $50.

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