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You’ve written a story and now you are looking for an illustrator. You don’t want your illustrator to scam you, use clip arts, or rely on AI for the illustrations.

You want to hire an illustrator who works within your budget.

Look no further—meet Gaurav Bhatnagar. He is a children’s book author and an experienced illustrator with more than 50 hand-sketched and colored books available on Amazon.

Scroll below to view a selection of books he has illustrated and designed. Simply click on any cover image, and it will open up an Amazon link as proof of the work done by Gaurav Bhatnagar. If you want to see any interior work from any book, just send him an email and ask for a few samples.

Ready to bring your story to life? You can also request quotes for your children’s book! Fill out the form below, and he will touch base with you. Let the magic of storytelling and artistry begin!

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We create high-quality children’s books like these..

Cassie's Big Change
Gerri Goes To China
Forever Friends Club
Hattie The Hair Chemist
The Snotty Nosed Kids
Hues of You
If you give a girl a passport
Splish Splash In A Bath
The Snotty Nosed Kids
Heavenly Hair Ever After
The Snotty Nosed Kids
It's time to voice my Choice
A Love Like This
The Adventures of Li-Li
I want to be like The activity book
Celeste and the Wig Shop
My HBCU Life
Wings, Fins, a Bully and Friend
Super Duper Darien!
Lidoo Widoo
The Snotty Nosed Kids
The Adventures of Crawfish
Covid Covid Go Away!
I want to be like
The Weirdo Life of Ducklin Monroe
Ray and Mae
Chaydence Takes Flight
Sage Cover
Mr. Tim The Tutor
Let's Stick Together
A Fish Named Dowg
The ABC of Travel
Amari Visit Jamaica
Hayly Stems The Tide
Hayly Coloring Book
Shelly Goest To Dentist
Shelly Goes to NY
Count With KJ
KJ's Emotional Day
Colors with KJ
Christian's Busy Day!
My Grand Mother Loves Me
Jai's Crown
How William Got His Wings
Magical Creatures Coloring and activity book
Wynter Skye Meets Summer Rayne
Wynter Skye Pretend and Play
Wynter Skye First Christmas
Wynter Skye Goes To Day Care
Welcome Home Wynter Skye
Children's book illustrations by Gaurav Bhatnagar
Illustrations by Gaurav Bhatnagar
Illustrations by Gaurav Bhatnagar
Illustrations By Gaurav Bhatnagar
Illustrations by Gaurav Bhatnagar

We're currently accepting new projects. Drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you.

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