Children’s Book Illustrations

Pictures are a great way to draw and entertain your children. Even if little ones can’t understand all words, they can understand the book with illustrations. Epublishing Experts provides different styles of children’s book illustrations.

Illustrations bring fun and energetic scenes in children’s books to life. Epublishing Experts provides a great platform to create eye-catching illustrations. We provide the best children’s book illustrators. We provide an easy user interface for beginners starting with children’s book illustrations. You can easily create a fabulous children’s book illustration for your little ones.

We provide a three-step illustration process. You can create your illustration by following three easy steps. There is different children’s book illustration available. You can choose one of the styles available on our site and create one by following the steps. It is fun to develop your illustration designs for your little ones.


You provide us the manuscript

We both discuss the manuscript and scenes

We visualize and illustrate

Is it that so simple?

Here is how all that gets done: Behind the scenes


  • Manuscript: This must be the final edited version. Please ensure you get the manuscript edited by a professional editor.
  • Scene Descriptions: This is required if you have a vision and are particular with what should go in the art work else we will sktech on our own.
  • Reference Images: Should you have a character from real life and want to sketch the same we will need the pics to match. Front and side poses will work.

Step 1. Rough Line Art Sketch

We hand draw the sketches per the scene descriptions and the script you shared with us. We then scanned those rough line art images and submitted them for your review and feedback.

This is the opportunity for you to review and provide your feedback. You can ask for scene change or changes in the scene objects.

Quality is a priority for us. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions until you and the client are satisfied with the work.

Step 2. Sketch Coloring

Once you approved the line art, we filled the scene with details and colored them. Here you can only share the feedback related to colors.

If you provide any scene reated correction that will be difficult to entertain after the coloring is done and cost you additional money.

You have this opportunity at the line art stage, where we entertain unlimited scene corrections.

Below are few examples of line arts and their color versions:

Children's book illustration
Children's book illustration
Children's book illustration
Children's book illustration by Gaurav Bhatnagar

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