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ePub3 One file, all formats

ePub3 is the current revised addition of ePub standards. ePub3’s base content format is based on XHTML5. It’s now an accepted global distribution format for ebooks.

An eBook developed following the standards of ePub3 can be rendered on any reading device such as, tablets, Desktop systems, eReaders, smartphones etc.

Piggy Press is a multilingual children’s book publisher located in the Republic of Panama, and as such, I felt we needed to offer our readers other options besides print and audio versions of our titles. As a possible solution, one of our authors recommended ePublishingeXperts.
So as a neophyte in the eBook world, I contacted them, and they kindly answered all of my many questions about cost, time, setup, the differences between fixed and adjustable formats, and they even offered to do a test-run on one of Piggy Press’s titles besides sending samples of their work thus far. That was in early 2012. To date, ePublishingeXperts has formatted 17 of our multilingual titles, which include some titles with audio incorporated into the eBooks and highlighting of words so the reader can follow along.

I have never regretted my choice, and if I were to choose only three words to best describe Piggy Press’s experience with ePublishingeXperts: They are Trustworthy, Diligent and truly Experts in the field of eBooks and ePublishing, and I look forward to continue working with them on our digital journey.

Pat Alvarado

President, Piggy Press Books

AMAZON EBOOK – KF8 Fixed Layout Mobi eBook

Kindle Format 8 or KF8 is the proprietary eBook format from Amazon. KF8 replaces mobi eBook format and adds support for HTML5 and CSS3. KF8 formatted eBooks are compatible to Kindle Fire, Kindle eInk devices and Kindle Reading Apps.

KF8 Fixed layout is the solution for heavy illustrated eBooks e.g. children eBooks, cookbooks or comics.

“When my digital publishing company was looking for someone to help us with eBook conversions, I met with nearly a half-dozen service companies around the USA and elsewhere. None of them impressed me, and most were very expensive. And then I met experts at ePublishingeXperts – and not only was they far ahead of everyone else in their understanding of eBook conversion and formats, they were a pleasure to work with. They were always very courteous, professional, insightful, prompt and responsible. To start, we gave them several challenging assignments – creating fixed-width multi-media enhanced eBooks with embedded videos, audio, hyperlinks and animations. We were pushing the envelope on what was possible, but we could not have done it without them. And, they were just as effective and efficient with our less-complicated projects – traditional, straight-forward eBooks.

I would highly recommend ePublishigneXperts and their team for any eBook conversion project. You will get expert help that is very reasonably priced and produced in a careful, respectful way – it’s the perfect way to launch an eBook.”

Rob Simon

Founder and President, Hipso Media, a digital publisher co.

Amazon Mobi eBook Advantage to Publishers/Authors

  • Amazon has the largest share in selling of eBooks across the globe.
  • Beautiful rendering of text and images.
  • KF8 Fixed Layout supports heavily illustrated books such as children, cookbooks etc.
  • Magnification panel works well with comics and children ebooks.
  • Easy to convert from ePub to KF8 format using KindleGen

ePub3 Solutions provided by ePublishingeXperts

  • TextBook/Work Book solution
  • Animated Children eBook
  • Read aloud eBooks
  • Interactive enhanced feature
  • SVG Coloring Book
  • Business Books/Graphs
  • MathML rendering

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